Since you’re here, you might want to know a little bit about the guy writing what you’ll read on this site.

The Basics

  • Single, 35 year old American male
  • Born & raised in Titusville, Pennsylvania
  • Spent the last 10 years living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 2 younger sisters and a wonderful extended family
  • BS (Business Administration) & MBA (marketing) degrees
  • PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)
  • My most recent “real job” was as an Operations Manager
  • I enjoy hiking/camping, scotch, meat, my beard, action movies, taking photos, dark beers, and traveling.

The Background

I sold my house & belongings, quit my job, and left my normal life in the United States behind to pursue one of adventure!  Rather than just being another tourist or backpacker, I decided to make my journey more meaningful through volunteer work.

I’ve never done any volunteering before, but after a TON of research, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of supporting NGOs that focus on causes that I care about: wildlife & wilderness conservation, child welfare, and small business development.

In addition to volunteering, I’ll be trying to experience as much culture and natural beauty that I can on this journey.  That includes visiting the 3 countries my family hails from (Poland, Germany, and Slovakia) as well as 3 Bucket List hikes that I’ve set as physical goals: the Tour du Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, and trekking to Everest Base Camp.  There are several others on my list, but these 3 will be the first I tackle in 2017.

I created BeerAndaBackpack based on the idea that with one or both of those 2 things, you can enjoy some of the greatest things in life…nature, new friendships, beautiful scenery, and helping to improve the lives of others and the world around you.  This blog (and associated social media accounts) will share my adventures, review some of the organizations I volunteer/travel with and gear that I carry in my pack, and tell some of the stories that I pick up from new friends that I make along the way (most likely over a beer or 2).

So tighten up your backpack straps and let’s go on adventure…the first round is on me!

Disclaimer: I (and this blog) don’t encourage or promote alcoholism or binge drinking.  A drink (or a few) is fine — sloppy, drunken stupidity or worse is not cool.  Have fun, but be responsible.  Know your limits, don’t be a douche, and get home safely!