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Quick Overview

For those unfamiliar with this blog, I’m a former operations manager that quit my well-paying job then sold my house, car, and nearly everything I own to travel around the world.  The majority of my travels will consist of volunteering projects focused on wildlife & environmental conservation, child welfare, and small business development.  My primary reasons for doing so are to find purpose in life and experience more of the world while making a small difference along the way.

I’m living off of and paying for volunteer projects with the money I made off my house & belongings sale.  Several friends and family have also expressed interest in contributing to my volunteering, so that’s why I’ve set up this page.

Contrary to popular belief, volunteering is not free

Each project requires a registration fee to be paid to the placement organization (that’s how they keep the business going) and a project fee based on the amount of time spent on the project.  The project fee pays for the volunteer’s food & lodging, transportation from the airport, as well as a donation to the project itself.

The average monthly expense for volunteering is about $1,000.  Some countries cost much less than others based on the cost of living (e.g. Nepal is less expensive than Spain).

All funds raised are used solely for project fees

All of my travel expenses, non-volunteering activities, and other miscellaneous costs will be self-funded.  I’m not asking for anyone to help finance a vacation.  I am also paying all of the placement organization fees myself.

Any donation is more meaningful than I can express in words.  So for each donation, I will be providing a “reward” to show my appreciation.  The reward levels indicate what your reward will be based on your donation amount.

Reminder: when donating via PayPal, please make sure to select “Friends and Family” when selecting the type of payment.

$1,000 Make it Rain!

I don’t seriously expect anyone to contribute a $1,000 so this is just here because I wanted to have a reward level called “Make it Rain”

$500 Diamond Level

Dealer’s Choice! Diamond level donors get to tell me what they want me to do to show my appreciation (plus all lower level rewards)!

$250 Platinum Level

Platinum level donors will receive a souvenir from their country of choice plus all lower level rewards.

$100 Gold Level

Gold level donors will receive a personalized photo & video shout out from the project of their choice as well as social media recognition.

$50 Silver Level

Silver level donors will receive a personalized photo & recognition on social media from the project of their choice.

$20 Bronze Level

Bronze level donors will get a shout out on the social media channels of their choice.

Sweating in Costa Rica while this little beauty (Heliconius Hecale, I believe) hangs out

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