As I travel around the globe, one of my primary goals is to gain a better understanding of the world and the people who inhabit it.  Listening to stories from other people (especially travel-related stories) is one of the best ways to get to know someone and see the world from their perspective.  You get a small glimpse into their life.  You see how that story affects the storyteller in the way they tell it.  You can feel their excitement, joy, sadness, fear, and regret.  I believe we can all learn from these stories.  It gives a different perspective on how everyone handles what life throws at them, good or bad.

So I’m going to make you a deal….if I meet you in a foreign land, I’ll buy you a drink if you’re willing to tell me a story.

The story can be true or made up on the spot.  It can be anything.  Just as long as I can write about it and share it here.  I want to curate stories from all corners of the globe.  And if it’s a long story…well, then I’ll just order us a 2nd round!